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Doug Savidge
11 Reitz Blvd. Ste. 201
Pennsylvania, 17837
United States
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 Listen to what some of Doug’s clients have to say about their experience…


 "The greatest benefit to coaching is keeping me focused on my business.  Coaching promotes long term planning and analysis"  Joe Cipriani, President, Keystone Forging Company, Northumberland, Pennsylvania


 "Unlike my previous experience with consultants, coaching has encouraged me to focus on my own abilities and on my own skills and to find solutions to my problems—making me a stronger person and giving me a stronger business."  Dale R. Chomas, DMD, Watsontown, Pennsylvania













Testimonials … Read about the Success Doug’s clients are experiencing in working with a Business Coach!

“Coach Doug has taught me organization.  He taught me the true importance of working ON my business vs. working IN my business.  Doug taught me to become a good leader, and without him, I would have just been a good employee.”

                Robert Hamm, Co-Owner & Partner, Baylor Hamm Enterprises, Lewisburg, PA

“Doug is a Coach, not a Consultant.  He has been the catalyst that facilitated my 1) Gaining control of my time. 2) Ordering and prioritizing of business goals. 3) Examination of my strengths and weaknesses and development of compensating strategies for them and 4) Building value and gaining friendship.  Business is more fun than it was, profits are up and we are growing … that equals VALUE! Coach Doug is a genuine advocate for his client’s.  His advice is timely and compassionate. “

                Doug Fries, Owner, Automatic Sprinkler Supply, Inc., Williamsport, PA

“Doug and ActionCOACH has saved my business.  Our business is doing great even in a slow economy.  I came into coaching wanted to get out of the business and now I’m in the process of expanding it.  I can’t put a value on what he has done for me and my business.  He has changed me as a person and business owner.  All I can say is thank you!”

                Rick Kingsbury, Owner, Stoney Acres Nursery, Benton, PA

“We’ve worked with Coach Doug to develop and present workshops and seminars to our business owner customers at M&T Bank.  Our main goal is to educate our customers on how to run a better business.  Doug’s considerable knowledge and experience, combined with his developed presentation skills helped make our seminar series highly successful and valued.  Doug and ActionCOACH are great partners for us as we seek to add more value for our business to business customers.”

                Laurie Naugle, Vice President, M&T Bank, PA

“After 25 yrs in business, I thought I knew everything; however, my company was struggling.  Coach Doug taught me goal setting and real problem solving.  The results were almost immediate.  I was excited about business again!  Palcon may not have survived without coaching.”

                Matther Carey, Owner, Palcon, LLC, Muncy, PA

"Doug’s coaching has been very beneficial to our management team. his expertise in teamwork, goal planning, and accountability has helped us improve the way our team operates and has also driven us to make successful changes to the way we conduct our business.  As someone with years of "real life" business experience. Doug is a valuable sounding board to help us deal with important issues that could have a resounding affect on the way we do business. His open and honest, yet respectful approach to coaching sessions is always effective and is the key to helping people and businesses succeed.” 

Carl Pardoe, President, Pardoe’s Perky Peanuts, Montandon, Pennsylvania

"I’ve been working with Coach Doug over the last 2 years, and my business has achieved amazing results.  Our total sales revenue increased 20% last year, our total number of units sold increased 21% over 2006, and our bottom line has increased 43%!  Coaching keeps me focused and helps me achieve all of my business goals.  I love working with Coach Doug and highly recommend business coaching!" 

Farrah Rose, Owner, Advanced Tech Hearing Aid Centers, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

"Doug is a confidant outside of my organization.  He helps me with leadership and gives me different perspectives on my business.  I value having someone to hold me accountable for meeting my goals and deadlines." 

William Lavage, President & CEO, Service 1st, Danville, Pennsylvania

"Coaching has given me perspectives on running businesses unrelated to mine and shown me common points that all businesses share. It has given me discipline and motivation to keep trying to make the business stronger. It gives me positive reinforcement and hope. It has opened an avenue of communication between my partner and myself that I never thought possible. It gives me someone to talk to about my successes and worries, who doesn’t find it a drag, and keeps in confidence. I appreciate Coach Doug’s honesty and holding us accountable for our actions and words.

Steva Stowell-Hardcastle, Companion Animal Hospital, Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania












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